Walk On The Wild Side—Styling Animal Prints

There are some fashions that seem like they’ll never go out of style. They were worn by your mother and maybe even your grandmother in their heydays. I’m talking about styles like blue jeans, the color black, leather, and of course animal print. These styles may fade in popularity occasionally, but they always make a quick comeback into the limelight. This year, animal print can be seen on the runways and adorning celebrities. Designers are thinking outside the box with their animal print outfit ideas.

Origins of Animal Print

At the very beginning, the animal fad started with real fur coats, scarves, hats, and authentic snakeskin and alligator accessories. This fashion thrived from the early 1500s to the late 1800s, when animal furs were a sign of social status. As time went on, real furs were replaced with faux fur and exotic animal prints like leopard, cheetah, and tiger. Simple printed fabrics and lower costs made the style available to everyone. Today, designers are striving to incorporate animal print outfit ideas into ways it’s rarely been seen before.

Woman wearing gray leopard print cardiganWoman in a black and white leopard print top

Desaturated Animal Prints

In fashion, the traditional use of animal prints would incorporate tones of the animal’s natural colors—golden yellows, tans, black, and orange. In 2020, neutral colors became very popular in fashion and even in interior and exterior design. Neutral whites, grays, and black are easy to pair with just about anything, so it makes sense that desaturated animal prints are in this season. You’ll find them in everything such as cardigans, sweaters, tops, bottoms, and accessories.

Woman in a multicolored animal print top

Go Full-Blown Colorized

On the opposite end of the spectrum, animal print outfit ideas in any color of the rainbow are also a go-to option that is perfect for adding playfulness to your spring and summer wardrobes. Pops of color grab attention and add interest when paired with blue jeans or neutral-colored pants, skirts, or shorts. Really make your colorful animal prints stand out with solid black bottoms. They’re also easy to match with colorful jewelry, hats, purses, and sunglasses.

Woman wearing a plus-size black and animal print shirtWoman with half animal print shirt

Add a Dash of Color

If brightly colored animal print outfit ideas are too much for you, consider prints that only incorporate a dash of color here and there into a traditional animal print pattern. This subtle addition of color makes it easy to match with jewelry and accessories in the same tone.

Woman in a cow print long-sleeved shirt Woman in a cow print top

Cow Print

We’re all familiar with the traditional animals that fashion pulls their print designs from, like the leopard, snake, and tiger. But why limit ourselves to only those patterns? There are plenty of other well-known animals out there with interesting coats—like the cow! Cow print has been popular in western wear in the past, but this year, it’s breaking free from those animal print styling confounds and entering urban outfit ideas. These long-sleeve cow print tops are available in both regular and plus sizes.

Woman wearing shirt with oversized animal print

Oversized Animal Print Patterns

Go big and bold with outfit ideas that include oversized animal prints. Sometimes tiny animal print can get a little overwhelming to the eye, but there’s no getting tired of looking at big prints. Like the popular color block style, oversized animal print is a great choice for tops and outerwear.

Woman wearing a tan and leopard print topWoman wearing a shirt with leopard print trim.

Animal Print Accents & Trim

When planning out your animal print outfit ideas, remember that just a touch of pattern in some trim on a shirt, on your belt, shoes, or other accessories is a very classy way to add interest without it being too overwhelming.

Woman wearing an animal print dress.

Nothing but Animal Print

Then again, you can always go the opposite direction and choose styling options in full-blown animal print that cover you from head to toe. Dresses, rompers, jumpsuits, and top and bottom combos that are nothing but your favorite leopard, cheetah, tiger, or snakeskin patterns are definitely making some noise this season. You’ll see these outfits on the catwalks and at major fashion trade shows.

A woman wearing silver snake print pants. A woman wearing cow print shorts.

Patterned Bottoms

Skirts, pants, and shorts in animal prints are easy to incorporate into your outfit ideas. Animal prints are often used for high-styling occasions, like when you want to grab some attention at the club or at a fancy event. So, it’s a great idea to pair your animal patterned bottoms with heels, trendy platforms, cute little boots, or other dressy shoes. Animal print bottoms are also easy to match with neutral-colored tops and outerwear.

Animal Accessories

Let’s not forget about animal print accessories to fancy up your outfit ideas! When you’re buying your accessories to match with animal print clothing, it may be a good idea to stick with the basic, standard pattern of leopard print. Being that you're not buying a made-to-match set, the standard leopard print should make it easier for you to make matching pairs on your own. Think about leopard print shoes, purses, scarves, gloves, belts, hats, and even jewelry.

Animal print boutique clothing is something that will likely never go out of style! It’s a perfect addition to your wardrobe that can be worn again and again. Bring out your wild side and check out Charming You Boutique’s regular and plus-size women’s clothing in all sorts of animal print styling options for your next outfit ideas! Our latest designs can be found in our new arrivals section. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram, where we showcase our best-selling collections.