Transitional Winter to Spring Outfits

Spring is just around the corner, and we know you’re dying to break out of your winter shell! Cute hats, coats, and boots are great, but after a few months of it, we want our springtime attire back again. When those first semi-warm afternoons hit, you’ll want to run outside in a sundress and sandals, but it’ll still be chilly in the morning and evening. Here are some of our favorite picks in new fashions for entering this spring in style.

A woman wearing a sage colored maxi dress

Maxi Dresses

Long maxi dresses are perfect transitional winter to spring outfits because they let you strap on a pair of cute sandals and free your feet from the confines of boots and shoes. You can feel the breeze on your toes, but your dress is long enough to shield your legs from getting goosebumps from the breezy air. You can stick with a long-sleeve option if you want to cover up your arms or go with short-sleeves and layer on a cardigan for when it starts getting cool outside.

A woman wearing a cardigan, white shirt, and jean shorts

Kimono Cardigans

Kimono cardigans are a fresh-out-the-box fashion this season that will make you feel like an Eastern princess with their flowy design. They offer a little more coverage than your traditional cardigan. And as a layer, you can peel it off when the peak war hours of the afternoon hit and cozy back up in it for nighttime. A long kimono cardigan looks fab when paired with shorts or a short skirt.

A woman wearing a brown hat and hoodie

Lightweight Hoodie Tops

When you think of a hoodie top, you probably envision it with a front pocket, a little baggy, and made with the standard sweatshirt and sweatpant material. This year, we’re tossing the norm and going with lightweight materials that can be worn solely as a top, and not just a top layer. You can wear them baggy if you want to, but they also look great as a form-fitted top that hugs your curves. Match them with the classic blue jeans and sneakers for casual winter to spring outfits you can wear to any indoor or outdoor event.

A woman wearing a hat and a long-sleeved top

Tunics in the Colors of Spring

We love tunic tops because they’re a bit longer than the average shirt and you never have to worry about your belly peeking out, or even worse—your lower back catching a cool breeze. Choosing the right colors for the season is what makes these tops a perfect component of a transitional winter to spring outfit. Pastel tones of yellow, pink, purple, blue, and light shades of earth tones make us feel like the earth is changing and coming back to life. Long-sleeve tunic tops look great with almost any type of bottom, like jeans, skirts, and capris. Accessorize with a shoulder strap purse and you're ready for a day of shopping with friends!

A woman wearing maxi pants, a hat, and a white top

Wide-Leg Maxi Pants

Wide-leg maxi pants are becoming a popular trend and what’s not to love about them? They’re flowy, so they complement any size and shape leg, and they’re oh so comfortable! To get the unique flow-as-you-walk look, they’re often made with lighter materials that breathe, so they make good pieces for winter to spring outfits. You can tuck your shirt in your high-waisted maxi pants, or pair them with a long top to overlay your bottoms. With the perfect length pants, you can rock some platform shoes for an extra tall model-height effect. 

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