Things to Do on Staycation

Often you may not have the window to flee on a Hawaiian escapade but, that shouldn't stop you from having a vacation. How about turning your weekend or day-offs to staycation during this COVID situation?

A staycation is an answer to your call to help. It is a holiday spent at home or within the boundaries of your hometown, minimizing the extravaganza but maximizing the fun. At first, the idea of a staycation may sound rather dull. However, it takes a creative eye, a jolly spirit, and a little bit of styling sense with Charming You's collection to get the most out of it. With some creative ideas and the will to make the most out of your time, a staycation can prove thrilling!

When on a staycation, there are dozens of activities you can indulge in to get those vacation feels going. If you're looking for not just time-killing but also enjoyable ideas, we've saved you the thinking work and put together some witty yet exciting things to do, all at the comfort of your home!



  1. Home Spa Day

It is always a great idea to pamper oneself, and a staycation makes the perfect time for this. Besides your regular skincare routine, go the extra miles and try on DIY natural masks for your face and hair. Be it your hair or your nails, target whatever you feel like, and sparkle yourself with all the good stuff. Lastly, light up some scented candles, throw in your bath bomb, bottle up some champagne, and step into your bliss.



  1. Movie Marathon

Besides me-time, consider doing a movie marathon with your family or friends. Make a trip to your closest store and stock your trolleys up with popcorn, cheese nachos, and whatever you can get your hand on. Plan a pajama party to add to the fun. Pick out and order your favorite comfort clothes from Charming You collection beforehand for the comfiest movie marathon. Have each one of you pick a movie and let the binge-watching begin!



  1. Go Camping in Your Home

Set up a camp in the backyard and throw in some cushions for the added comfort. Microwave some s' mores, light those flashlights, and begin the chatter on ghostly tales. Before snoozing off, take some time to stargaze and watch the breathtaking night sky as Orion, Aquarius, and dozens of constellations and stars dance through.



Who said the best of vacations can only be created after expenditure? Cut loose on the money and get your spirits up because with these activities and some fashionable pieces from Charming You on a staycation, you can now create your very own escapade.