Styling Tips For Fall/Winter 2020

Fashion Tips For Fall & Winter 2020

As we’re entering December, winter is quickly approaching! It can be challenging to know what the next season's upcoming trends will be. At Charming You Boutique, we have new arrivals just for you to style up throughout the fall and winter 2020 season. Putting an outfit together in the colder months can be difficult as we feel the need to reach for our oversized, fluffy coats to keep us warm. We’re going to share a few fashion tips for fall with you and show you how to look stylish in winter to ensure you keep warm and show off your great outfits.

woman wearing a neutral color block cardiganwoman wearing a black and white striped cardigan


Layering sounds like one of the most obvious fashion tips for fall and winter to stay warm, however, many people simply don’t know how to pull it off well! There are many different style options when it comes to layering, and the only simple rule is to ensure you have a base layer and then to add from there. Charming You Boutique has a great range of tank tops in soft materials for your base layer in several colors including black, pink, and white.

From your base layer, add your favorite high neck jumper or long-sleeved cardigan. Don’t forget to wear your basic accessories such as earrings, scarves, or a hat that can add a little extra to your outfit.

Woman wearing a pink jacketwoman wearing a jean jacket with sherpa sleeves


In prior winter seasons, it’s been all about dark-colored leather jackets, but now it’s changed to brighter colors and more playful styles of jackets. For example, denim jackets are designed to be worn for long periods of time, while still providing great comfort and of course warmth! In Charming You Boutique’s latest arrivals, we have fantastic jackets and outerwear that you can wear for the entire fall and winter 2020 season. You could even wear some of our jackets as one of your inner layers to keep you warm.

Also, this year you have the option of puffer vests or jackets. For 2020, jackets are being designed in a different way. Normally, they are made thick to keep you warm, however, this season they are designed to allow you to add layers of your best clothing.

Charming You Boutique’s puffer jackets are highly versatile, affordable, and allow you to add layers and keep warm while looking stylish in your best tank top or your winter knitwear.

woman wearing a leopard print sweaterwoman wearing camo and grey sweater


Prints have made a comeback over the past few years and for this upcoming fall and winter season, they’re going to be bigger than ever. Your tops, skirts, shoes, and scarves can be animal or floral print. As a fashion tip for this fall, as long as you are wearing some form of patterned print, you’re going to be right on trend throughout winter. Here at Charming You Boutique, we have a great collection of 3/4 and long-sleeve tops in some fantastic prints. They’re available in a range of sizes to ensure every woman is warm and feels stylish during these colder months.

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