4 Chic Ways to Style Outerwear

woman wearing a coat

Styling Jackets, Coats, & More!

In most places, outerwear is a mandatory piece for at least two seasons out of the year. If you have to wear the same jackets and coats over and over again for six months, you’re bound to get bored. At Charming You Boutique, we’re here to provide you style inspiration for any season of the year! While you should always dress for the weather in appropriate coats, there’s no reason to sacrifice style for substance. Discover chic new ways of styling jackets for colder weather here and see your coats in a brand new light.

1. Puffy Coats

The puffy, down coats of today are not those same style-less, bulky pieces of the past. If you’re looking into styling puffy coats to maintain your aesthetic and sense of fashion, you want to opt for softer textures that balance the (usually) high-tech fabrics of modern puffies. Add touchable knits, like a pair of plush gloves or a cable knit scarf, to take attention off the coat and lend a homemade feel to your entire outfit.

2. Oversized

Styling oversized jackets is popular every year. These pieces are super warm and very practical—which is perfect for ultracold regions. Unfortunately, their silhouette tends to take over your own shape and definitely needs some editing. We’d recommend picking out a few accessories that don’t add any bulk to your outfit. Avoid the chunky knit scarf and beanie! Instead, choose luxe, slim materials, like cashmere, suede, or camel wool, for your hat, scarf, and boots.

You can wear bold, contrasting tones that elevate a darker coat with a burst of light and energy. Or, keep coat styling sophisticated and refined when you wear dark, muted winter hues all the way around.

3. Suit Inspired

woman sitting on a bench wearing a peacoat and beret

We love suit-inspired jackets like trench coats, peacoats, and vests! These structured pieces really stand out among all the puffed out, layered masses. Since the jackets themselves may already have a lot of embellishment including big collars, double buttons, belts, and bold prints, we recommend going simple with your accessories when styling your jacket. Skip the jewelry, as well as any noticeable knits, to ensure you’re balancing the cluttered style with something minimalist.

4. Wrap

You’re not always heading out on errands or to work when you bundle up. Sometimes, you need to find a way to make your outerwear work for date nights and formal events. In these cases, we love styling wrap jackets for something a bit lighter and more elegant—like a little black dress! To accessorize a minimalist little wrap, our fashion experts say to throw on some sleek leather gloves and a suede beret along with some beautiful jewelry.

Fashion Inspo Here!

Styling jackets and coats is easy when you have all the accessories and add-ons already in your closet. If you feel like you’re missing anything that would be the perfect complement to your favorite coat or long-sleeve, browse the selection at Charming You Boutique today!