2020 Fall/Winter Color Trends For Curvy Fashion

Hello charmers!

Are you ready for sweaters, boots, late nights, bonfires, and crisp leaves? The season of hues is right at the corner!

As we transition from the heat of the summer to the coziness of autumn, it is not just the color of the leaves that changes. The summer whirs of pastel dresses and the solace of autumn paints different palettes. 

If you are looking to restock your closet and blend in with the right hues of the season, you will need to know what dreamy shades to play with for your curves. This autumn at Charming You, we are all about the plus-size picks in burgundy hues and the subtle of almond milk, with pops of funk. Before the air dances away into the autumn breeze, stock away!



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 The Divine Red

Never have we witnessed a fall without burgundy; autumns and burgundy pretty much go hand-in-hand. Like every other fall, you’ll find yourself surrounded with cherry reds, mandarins, fired bricks, and a plethora of shades in red. The versatility of red makes it appear glamorous on multiple fabrics and, opting for a burgundy sweater, maxi, jumpsuit, or even bottoms, is a must!



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Vibrant Orange

Orange adds the funk and depth to fall outfits. A shade down from reds, oranges are often paired with a variety of shades, including toffee, brown, and blue. Exuberance, in particular, is the perfect balance of hues. It is all about poise and confidence and, it is insane how classy these look with leather. Pick a flowy plus size dress or a bottom from our Charming You’s fall collection to get that perfect Instagram autumn street snap.



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The Bluey Hues

Besides orange, blue is our other touch of vibrancy to outfits. From the calmer True Blue to the turbulent Navy Blue, they all add style to autumn outfits. Blue can be worn casually as scarves or sweaters and add the pop of color to the transient fall tones. Contrarily, when worn as fur coats or bodycon, they can add poise and posh like nothing else!



Image source: youtube.com (Top), stylishcurves.com (Bottom)

The Sophisticated Grays

Gray has been fresh in the spotlight for fall outfits. A lighter shade of grey can be an ideal pick for sweaters and overcoats. When paired with black leather pants, it is sure to make a chic statement. Besides the cooler grays, asphalt gray is widely used in sweater dresses and coats that not only make room for warmth but also plus-sized style. 



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The Glorious Black

It is the one color that never seems to go out of style. Black is undoubtedly the most fashionable color and, its ease of styling keeps runway-ready throughout the year. When in doubt about what to wear, go for black because it is hard to not slay in any black outfit. Throughout the fall, black bodycon, turtle necks, sweaters, bottoms, and capes, and you name it, it will all trend and, we at Charming You have a wide range for you to pick from!

It is all about playing with the colors from the autumn palette that creates the chicest look. Be fearless in expression and creativity and, nothing can stop you from rocking your curves and looks with confidence.